FikFoks to bring more money and attention to the TikTokers

We all know how famous TikTok is and how much benefit it has brought to the online content creators. Not only just monetary benefits but today TikTokers are being featured in Super Bowl ads, getting trips to New York Fashion Week and securing Hollywood agents.

From this success, it is evident how much TikTokers earning from their single video. Although these creators have been working for a long time to build their identity, they now want to be more vocal than before.

A TikToker, Sam Andrews (@samueljeffersonandrews) has 2.4 million followers since August 2019, but he said that the feels caught in the box, which is why he came up with the idea of making another account.

He wanted people to see more than his TikToks, which is why he posted a bunch of videos about a normal school day, just as you would do in a Vlog on YouTube. He called this new account a FikFok (Fake TikTok), which is different from his original account where his videos, etc. are scheduled and developed. He was able to communicate more through his FikFoks, which made him feel free from a burden on his shoulders.

Following his path, another TikToker D.J. Ford (@djislessthan) made a FikFok account to post all kinds of stuff over there. He mentioned that it is only because Andrews convinced him that it is fun and that he enjoys being on this account.

FikFoks are somewhat similar to Finstas (Fake Instagrams), but Finstas are private and TikToks are meant to get viral through the ‘For You’ page. Although they share the same concept, both FikFok and Finstas are different in a way because Finstas are used more for crap posting, stalking your ex, and stuff like that, however, FikFok are more like YouTube Vlogging.

Having a second account on TikTok is becoming a thing, which was also quite famous on YouTube back in the day. However, many YouTubers have removed their second accounts, but not all of them have stopped vlogging.

The second channel should not have to be the same as the first one, which is why it is getting more hype. Given the reach on TikTok, having a second account provides a much better way to TikTokers to earn more, develop new audiences, and raise opportunities for themselves.

One thing to note here is that the second account might not always end up in the ‘For You’ homepage, but the TikToker is most likely to get the type of reach he is expecting from the content. Also, it gives them more chances to learn and monetize their channels, which is a good thing.

Andrews expects the TikTokers to follow his FikFok account as well as his official account. So, if you are in the TikTok business, then having a second account might get you a lot of success and give you a chance to present yourself better.

In case you are wondering what TikTok might bring you, then it is definitely the success that you are looking for. More and more people each day are joining TikTok. If you are already a TikTok celeb, then try out your luck with a second account.

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