Instagram removes IGTV icon from home screen allowing users to upload from the plus button

Last year, Instagram launched IGTV (that allows users to upload videos up to 60 minutes) to make the app center for the content creator's attention and take on the video giants YouTube.

Despite a lot of drum-roll, IGTV got attention from only 7 million users, and now the company wants it to be utilized even more.

Instagram now allows users to post videos on IGTV the same way they upload pictures or short videos.

The process is a lot simpler now, as by clicking on the plus button in the navigation menu, users can upload the long video (Longer than 1 Minute) in IGTV.
Short videos that are less than 60 seconds will still go to users feed while the longer videos will get earmarked for IGTV.

Instagram is also removing the IGTV icon from the top right corner of the mobile app by giving that reason that it is not providing much value as users are finding the IGTV videos from the home feed, the discovery tab, creator's accounts and from IGTV's app.

As per the spokesperson of Instagram, this update is coming as a result of users feedback.
The goal is to make the platform as simple as possible for users and, make it a central place for content creators, who can now use only one button to upload all type of videos.

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