Top CBD Gummies Marketing Strategies For 2020

It’s a new year and the prospects for CBD products looks better than ever! According to the Cannabidiol (CBD) Market Report published in late 2019, the worldwide market for CBD is expected to grow 32% over the next five years. By 2024, it’s projected that revenue will reach $1251.8 million. If you’re running a new and upcoming CBD company, now is definitely the time to get your product in front of the masses.

But, in an industry that is becoming more crowded by the day, just having a high quality CBD product isn’t enough. If you want to infuse growth and success into your CBD business, we’ve got just the tips for you. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of marketing your brand in 2020.

Use Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book, but even today, it still stands as one of the most effective options for growing your brand organically. By using SEO techniques, you can drive organic traffic to your brand’s website.

Some of the top SEO techniques include:
  • Posting high quality content on a consistent basis
  • Using keywords in your content (ie. page content, blogs, etc.)
  • Optimizing title tags and images
  • Creating a responsive website
While SEO isn’t the easiest thing to learn, understanding the basics can have a profound impact on the number or new and routine visitors that your website receives. By using SEO techniques, you can ensure that consumers who are looking for CBD gummies or some other product are directed towards your brand’s website.

Influencer Marketing

Head to any social media network and you’re sure to come across a well-known personality known as an influencer. Using influencer marketing is one of the safest ways to spread word of your brand because there are some blurry lines when it comes to directly advertising CBD products on many of the top social networks.

Finding an industry influencer is a great way to build brand awareness. According to a 2019 survey conducted by The Influencer Marketing Hub, businesses make around $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. And, let’s not forget the fact that consumers are more likely to be interested in a product if an influencer they follow promotes it.

Research and see which influencers are the most popular and vocal in your industry, and then reach out to them!

Find What Makes Your Brand Unique

There’s no shortage of CBD companies, which means that you’ll have to work extra hard in order to make your brand stand out from the ever-increasing crowd. One of the best ways to do this is to constantly educate and engage with your audience. Post video content that highlights your products. Ask customers for testimonials and feedback.

Another option is to focus your brand on a specific niche. For example, edibles are some of the most widely sought after CBD products. Take some time and try to come up with a unique edible product that isn’t available on the market yet. There are plenty of CBD gummies and chocolates, so think outside of the box. Maybe gum, lollipops, or some other sweet treat will strike gold for your brand’s success.

Or, if you want to stick with well-known edibles, create them in flavors that don’t exist yet. This way you can hone in on the fact that your flavors are unique.

Use Social Media

When advertising CBD products, social media is a great place to start. But, there are some restrictions that you'll want to be aware of. As of June 2019, Facebook lifted its ban on CBD products, which means that companies can now publish ads that promote hemp CBD products. However, other promoting platforms have different rules and restrictions.

For example, Twitter doesn't allow CBD companies to run ads on Twitter because of its policy that restricts advertising illicit substances and herbal drugs. But, you can still use Twitter to post about new products and then linking back to your website's product page, as well as to share relevant information about the CBD industry.

Instagram operates very similar to Twitter in that it doesn't allow businesses to run paid ads that market a CBD product. But, you can use Instagram to educate your followers about CBD while linking to new website content, such as a blog post.

What’s important to remember when using social media to build your brand is that you have to be careful about making health or disease claims about CBD.

Attend Trade Shows & Local Events

While the internet is a pretty powerful tool to use in order to grow and market your business, word of mouth and direct marketing still has its place in today’s digitally-driven world. As the owner of a brand new CBD company, you may find more success by focusing on reeling in a local audience first.

To do this, see what kind of local events are being hosted in your community. These events are a great way to attract a new audience and to start building a network of brand ambassadors.

If you’re looking to be seen on a wider scale, attend industry trade shows so that you can meet with the top industry players while also assessing your competition. Aside from trade shows, you can also consider attending expos, such as the CBD Expo Tour and the World CBD Expo.

Here you can show consumers what your brand is all about. You may even want to pass out samples of your CBD gummies or any of the other CBD products that you offer.


As a new CBD brand, you can make 2020 your year! By using these tried and true marketing strategies, you can rise above your competitors and make a name for your brand in an otherwise crowded field. Here’s to a successful year that brings in tons of green!

Top CBD Gummies Marketing Strategies For 2020

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