Facebook is working on a feature that will sort out what users see on its platform, the tabbed newsfeed is on its way!

If you are using Facebook since it first hit our little unconnected worlds, then you must know how much it has widened our horizons by making the world come together through a single platform. It’s safe to say that Facebook is the pioneer of social media platforms.

Every day we see hundreds or thousands of news, videos, pictures, and other stuff on our newsfeed making us wonder ‘what type of world we live in’ every time, but some of them are actually helpful in giving you a clear and better picture of the things going on around you.

With time, Facebook’s newsfeed has clustered so much that often we end up watching the same news 15th time. It is in time that Facebook is testing out a new feature to declutter the newsfeed and separate it in different tabs.

Recently, Jane Manchun Wong posted on her Twitter that Facebook is trying out a new feature to create tabs for newsfeed. From the picture Wong posted, it is evident that the tabs will be Relevant, Recent, and Seen. It is actually simple this way to organize the content on your feed.

Facebook's Alexandru Voicu also confirmed the development, he also informed media outlets that they are testing the feature internally and have plans to test it externally as well.

Who knows if Facebook might come up with some more tabs or let you create custom ones to manage your newsfeed yourself? It is yet to see, but the idea of managing your content is helpful for users in so many ways. Not only will it save time, but it will be great in catching up with the news in one moment. Hope that this change is worthwhile!

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