Facebook Lite Will Now Have Dark Mode

Dark mode has been an obsession for almost all of the tech companies and consumers in recent times. While the majority of popular apps have introduced the Dark Mode for their users, Facebook remains the only one that was still hesitating to make the shift. But not anymore, as according to Android Police, Facebook Lite finally gets the dark mode.

However, this isn’t Facebook’s first attempt in going for the dark mode trend. Last year in August, we heard about the company testing out Dark Mode for Android version of their app and later in October they tested a dark desktop UI too. However, none of the trials got successful to turn up as a permanent option.

Finally, the company seems ready to join the Dark Mode culture for Facebook Lite. Although the option has not rolled out for all of the users, yet the ones who have can find a toggle right beneath the ‘Settings’ button of the hamburger menu.

If you haven’t used Facebook Lite till now then it’s a downsized version of the Facebook app. It is specifically designed for users with limited data access. The smaller version of the app is also less bloated than the full-fledged one. The size of Facebook Lite is nearly 2MB and includes the most essential features that one needs for Facebook-ing.

Facebook Lite, in every way, serves to be a feasible option for users with fewer resources as the normal app takes 39MB to download and then reach up to 400MB after installation. Lite on the other hand only goes up to 9MB.

The server-side change started to appear in January but with the final call to roll out dark mode for the Lite version of the app, let’s also hope that we see all of Facebook turning to dark mode.

Screenshot: Androidpolice.

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