Neural Network to bring colors back in your favorite old movies

In case you are looking to bring back colors in your favorite old movies, here is the chance for you. A paper featured by the Two Minute Papers YouTube channel showed how it can be done. The paper researched the following aspect and came to know that Temporal Neural Network can actually help in it.

It can help in correcting the defects in the movies such as flickers in vintage videos. The co-authors of the paper mentioned that the following network can help in noise removal and colorization to enhance the quality of the video.

The researchers compared the final result of this network on videos with other models to see the difference. It can be said that this network definitely helps in bringing back the real beauty of the old movies with a modern touch. However, the developers have to provide a reference image for colorization. Do not worry about this as there are many AI models that can help you with it.

Although there has not been any commercial usage of this model right now, we are expecting the movie studios to bring back the old movies with a modern flavor in them. In the future, Hollywood and other major film industries are expected to use this AI to improve vintage movies.

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