Is Silicon Valley Still A Best Place for Tech Startups? Mark Zuckerberg Has The Answer

Many entrepreneurs are planning to follow the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg and are considering to move to Silicon Valley to work on their startups but the CEO world's most popular social media platform does not suggest the same.

Recently, in an interview at a conference in Utah, CEO of Facebook said if he had to launch a new company, he would not launch in San Francisco Bay Area even though it is the tech capital of America as all tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook.

While clarifying his point, Zuckerberg said though he likes the Bay Area but if he had to start from scratch, we would not prefer Bay Area for his startup venture.

Mark Zuckerberg’s remarks have come out as a surprise. His success story started from that area but there is already a heated debate going on about the costly living, unequal incomes and other dysfunctions in the area.

He moved to Silicon Valley when he was only 19 years old and had no idea about how to establish a company. Back then, the tools for building a company were not as developed as they are now.

Companies can now easily look for their targeted audience through social media and with Amazon Web Services, they can add new servers to new apps and websites easily by just renting capacity.

Initially, it was difficult for Zuckerberg to get servers and data centers that were required to establish Facebook. Finding capital itself was a huge struggle and thus, he had to switch to Silicon Valley to meet his needs. At one point, he literally felt like nothing will be possible.

With time, many things have changed and there are now new options for startups to start with.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, times have changed and the current infrastructure allows people to do their work at different places than just one specific. Going out of Silicon Valley is now not only easier and also beneficial.

Establishing a company in mono-culture, where there is a number of like-minded people, it is difficult to bring diversity in your work. Silicon Valley is an all-tech town and there are little chances of finding people who think differently than you do.

Zuckerberg is the most high profile and the recent person who has raised questions about the role of Silicon Valley in the tech world. Before this Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian also talked about how people in their right mind will not base their startups only in San Francisco as the place has increasingly become expensive over time and it might not be easier to manage the living cost let alone managing business and recruiting talent.

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Photo: Samuel Corum via Getty Images
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