Here is how you can turn off robocalls on your any Google Pixel phone

If you are also wary of robocalls, then we have some good news for you. Google confirmed that it will be integrating a Call Screen feature in its Pixel units that will automatically block known robocalls based on Google’s database.

The feature was previously available in Google Pixel 4 devices. However, starting next week, Google will be rolling out an update in all Pixel models, whereas some Pixel 3 owners have already spotted the feature.

Robocalling is a marketing technique that most mobile phone owners dislike. According to the YouMail robocall index, approximately 4.7 billion robocalls were placed in the U.S. in January 2020. American mobile carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are also working on ways to prevent the automated calls but many times the phone calls get through in certain phones.

Apple has also added a similar feature in its iPhone, where phone calls from unknown numbers are automatically sent to address book. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to ‘missed calls’ from numbers you have failed to save in the address book.

Google’s Call Screen feature will work in multiple ways. You can either opt for the Google Assistant to answer and deny the call for you or see who is calling and then decide to answer or refuse the call. Google will also, add the option to block anonymous calls even before they ring in the next few months.

To turn on the Call Screen on your Google Pixel, simply head over to the Phone app and tap on the Menu, located on the top right of the screen. From there go to Settings > Spam and Call Screen > Call Screen > Spam > Automatically screen. Decline Robocalls.

After that, go back to the previous screen, choose ‘Possibly faked numbers’ and select ‘Automatically screen. Decline Robocalls’ again.

The update is expected to roll out this week and if you are an owner of a Pixel phone, you will be able to screen calls soon. However, make sure that you have the latest Phone app from Google installed on your phone.

Google’s Pixel phones are not as mainstream as Apple iPhone and Samsung devices. Let’s hope innovative features like the call screen, which rely specifically on data by Google will make them more appealing to the consumer base.

Automatic call screening is coming to all Google Pixel devices

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