This Windows driver is shutting off the Antivirus and hackers are completely exploiting it

The Gigabyte driver is used for a ransomware attack, as identified by the Sophos, a cyber security company. The driver helps the attackers to enter into the Windows system and then disabling the security software.

Gigabyte driver had a security flaw, which is why the driver was abandoned by the company as well. The hackers are continuously exploiting the driver and allowing them to enter into the user’s computer in no time.

Basically, the hacker can enter into the device and create a second driver that kills all the files and products of the security software and attacking the device without any alarm.

The ransomware is called RobinHood that demands an amount from the user to unlock their files. In case the user does not pay, the note reads that the ransom amount has increased by $10,000.

Nobody knows when the issue will be resolved and if users will be able to restore their files without paying dollars to the hackers. Let’s hope for the best!

Photo: Donat Sorokin via Getty Images

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