Google Maps is all set to surprise its users with new updates on its 15th birthday

Google recently announced that it’s going to surprise its users by redesigning the Google Maps as a gift to all users on its 15th birthday.

Google Maps is no longer going to be an app to check the routes only. It will be more like a hub of information where you can get to learn about new spots, nearby points, community tips, and whatnot.

Google will be focusing on five main categories in its redesign: Explore, Contribute, Updates, Saved, and Commute. This will be a major change for users who are used to see only Explore, Commute and For You tabs in the app before.

Apart from these amazing changes, another new feature ‘Live View’ is coming to the Google Maps that will be introduced in the coming months. This new feature involves the use of augmented reality in it that will help users to get the directions in the real-world while keeping your phone in your hands. Also, users will also get information about public transit in the coming updates.

The logo of Google Maps is also changing to a new one that only looks like a pin. Here is all the information you are looking for.

1. Google’s New Logo

The new logo appears like a pin, which is much more relevant to Google Maps if you pay attention. It is the first time that Google has ever updated the new Maps icon. Here's a short timeline of how Google Map's logo has evolved.

2. Introduction to New Categories

Before this new update, Google Maps only consisted of Explore, Commute and For You sections, but now you will see some more new features including Saved, Updates and Contribute sections. You can also add restaurant reviews etc. in the ‘Your Contributions’ section.

3. Live View

This new augmented reality infused feature by Google Maps is the new cool of the century. With this new feature, you will be able to walk through the direction with the phone in your hand. Live View will not show you any turn-by-turn directions, but just the distance and the way you need to walk.

4. Information about Public Transportation

In the coming months, Google Maps will introduce more information about public transportation as well. So, if you commute through public transport each day – this is going to be a very important update for you!

You will get to know about how crowded a train is, the temperature of the train, public transit lines, entrances, and seating along with information related to security on trains.

Celebrating the mark, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet/Google, revealed that:
"One of the next frontiers for [Google] Maps will be to help the billions of people who live without a physical address get a digital one. These open-source digital addresses, called Plus Codes, are based on latitude and longitude coordinates, rather than a street address, and can be used freely by anyone. With a digital address, more people will be able to access things like banking and emergency services, receive personal mail and deliveries, and help people find and patronize their businesses. It’s still in early days, but we’re excited about the potential.
In short, Google is trying to become one-stop for all your travel needs. No matter if you are searching for a new place, reviews, booking appointments or more – you will get all the information on Google Maps.

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