YouTube’s Child Video Rules will slam the Content Creators Financially

YouTube has released information about limiting data collection on children’s videos that can affect the content creators financially in a million ways. YouTube is, in short, becoming less child-friendly day by day.

According to WSJ, YouTube will start to limit data from January 2020 and all those creators who are making less child-friendly content will face heavy fines from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Along with it, these videos will not have any pop-up ads or any other Google ads to drive traffic; however, they will still have some contextual ads related to the content of the video.

Creators are constantly budging the FTC to stop making YouTube difficult to operate, but the FTC is not paying any heed to it. These changes are brought down on YouTube due to severe allegations of tracking children’s data, which is against the 1998 Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Those who were collecting data were targeting the viewers and redirecting them to other videos.

FTC is taking all the necessary actions to make YouTube easy for both parents and children. Although YouTube for kids is there for all kids under 13, it is not as famous as YouTube’s general app. Constant budging by the FTC can make it difficult for content creators to stay active on the platform.

Photo: DigitalInformationWorld

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