Using Old iOS and Android phones can get your data hacked

As reported by many cybersecurity experts, using an old smartphone (either Android or iOS) can put your data on hacking risk.

Security researchers urge users to upgrade from their old phones, (particularly that don't receive software updates anymore) to new safer devices and operating system, to stop any potential hacking attempt.

Hacking attempts can include spying and theft of users personal data.

According to Brian Higgins, who works as the security specialist at Comparitech, says that software and gadgets which has no more assistance from their companies are remarkably vulnerable.

Every day hundreds of devices stop getting updates from their companies as it's not possible to update all gadgets forever.

Also, the unsupported devices can't be protected using antivirus software as these devices don't accept current security patches.

Brian further told that not only users should upgrade to new safer devices but also make sure to delete all the personal data from the old smartphones, as keeping the personal information in old devices is basically an invitation to the hackers.

Most hackers look for pictures, contacts and banks credentials to get their hands on to make money, as these details are essential and easily accessible.

In the case of Apple phones, iPhone 6 and apple's previous phones won't get any software update.

Since they'll be stuck with old software versions, those devices could become hackers primary choice.

But when it comes to Android phones, things get even more dangerous as many phones stop getting support after two or three years (some, even more, earlier) and then are left vulnerable.

Javvad Malik, who is a security awareness advocate and works at KnowBe4, describes such devices as "asbestos in the home".

Just like a home that contains "asbestos", which is extremely dangerous and to prevent any casualty, it must be abandoned, an old phone acts in the same way.

In both cases, the risk is too severe to ignore.

As per Ciaran Byrne of Edgescan, mobile phones with no support, makes it very easy for hackers to spy and steal information.

Hackers can use various tactics to attempt hacking, for example, they can try to connect to your device via Bluetooth, can send malicious content through Whatsapp or SMS, or there are fake apps on the Google and Apple store.

However, new devices have built-in mitigation in the code that stops hackers.

The useful life of mobile phones should now be determined by how long the company will provide software support to it, instead of how long it will work without any functional glitches.

The outdated phones are so vulnerable that as much as browsing the internet can get you hacked.

Cybersecurity experts recommend replacing old mobile devices that don't get updates anymore and keep checking for new updates if the user owns an updated device.

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