Advertisement is the key – 52% of companies to increase their social media marketing budget in the year 2020

Smartly conducted research in which they found that Facebook advertisement will be the talk of the town with retailers and brands looking forward to invest about 52% of their marketing budget on Facebook advertisement.

About 96% of survey respondents said that they prefer Facebook for advertisement followed by Twitter and Instagram. Facebook has maintained to appeal to the advertisers in the past year and it will be a hit this year as well. Facebook keeps on updating the e-commerce features on its social media hub along with improving its WhatsApp and Instagram.

Smartly further investigated certain areas of concern related to paid advertising. The research found that about 83% of respondents said that there is no room for automating ad creation and deployment with 65% do not even use automation. Apart from it, 48% of executives said that their performance marketing and creative teams do not collaborate enough, which is a hindrance. Also, 61% of ad creative is done manually which is extremely time-consuming and inefficient.

The results of this study are in accordance with the report by Advertising Research Foundation that highlighted the fact the way creatives and researchers approach data, which in different ways obviously. Thus, handling data differently results in creatives not reaching their full potential. For better results, the creatives and the researchers needed to be on the same page.

About 39% of executives said social advertising is mostly done in-house. Also, about 35% of retailers are planning to change their KPIs and 47% are planning to increase their social media ad budget.

Brands to increase their social media marketing budget in the year 2020

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