Hackers Are More Interested In Hacking Apple iPhones and Instagram Accounts Than Other Devices and Apps: Study

Recently, a UK-based company Case24.com performed a study and revealed that Apple's iPhone devices are more prone to hacking as compared to any other smartphone brand.

In the research, Google’s search data for the UK and US regions was taken into account. The study of UK searches revealed that, around 10,040 users searched for how to hack an iPhone; whereas, there were only 700 searches for how to hack a Samsung smartphone. Other mobile brands (including, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Sony) stood next in the line, but iPhone topped all of them. Similarly, when looking at U.S. search data the ratio is even bigger, users searched "how to hack iPhone" 48,010 times, while a mere 3,100 searches were performed for Samsung device hacking.

Although, the researchers did not reveal about the vulnerabilities and risk factors that could lead to iPhone hack, but the results remain astonishing.

The data related to apps hacking showed that Instagram stood on the top with 12,310 Britishers searching for how to hack an Instagram account with Snapchat (7,380) to be in the second position, while Whatsapp (7,100) on the third. Similarly, "how to hack Instagram" was searched 66,960 times by Americans, which shows that the Facebook-owned app is more likely to get hacked, as users are showing their interest in this subject.

Hackers Are More Interested In Hacking Apple iPhones and Instagram Accounts Than Other Devices and Apps: Study
Research shows Apple iPhone devices to be more vulnerable to hacks as compared to other mobile manufacturers. Same applies to Facebook owned social networking app Instagram too.

The researchers might not have used the best method to conduct the study, but the results are still convincing considering how some most used smartphone devices and social networking apps have been the target of hackers. It is because of this reason that the iPhone keeps on updating iOS to avoid any hacks.

To eliminate hacks completely, try to use updated devices and app version so that there are fewer bugs and your device is less vulnerable to the hacking attempts.

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  1. Just curious why the researchers didn't look at "hacking Android" as a generic term, rather than going after specific brands of Android phones.

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