Twitter Issues Explanation for Defending Decision of Political Ad Ban

Facebook privacy scandal is known to be the biggest data scandal of recent years. It has made people more aware but the worse thing is that it is now becoming a problem for social media platforms. To avoid any possible issue that can lead to a scandal just as big or as bad as Facebook data scandals, these social networks are now taking frivolous decisions. A recent such decision was made by Twitter when it announced to ban political ads. Since the announcement, Twitter has received a lot of backlash from various sources as they think this is a coward decision. To clear the air, Twitter is now trying to ensure everyone that the section of banning political ads will not create any information silos.

During a CNBC interview on Tuesday, the executive Matt Derella said that management at Twitter is ensuring not to create any filter bubble with the powerful ad system that they have. The social networking site has planned to achieve this by allowing issue-based advertisement with few limitations. The limitations are quite easy to understand. The micro-blogging site is allowing the non-profitable organizations to advertise if they don’t focus the advertisement on the specific legislation or any political candidate. The non-profitable organizations can simply run paid ad campaigns but these ads have to be issue-based.

This is not the first time Twitter has been under fire for its unpopular decisions. Previously in October 2018 the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey was confronted about creating filter bubbles while communicating information on Twitter. In a filter bubble, users no longer see the information that contradicts their beliefs, instead, they only see things that comply with their basics. To address this issue, Dorsey said that he feels, it is wrong and needed to be fixed.

As a possible solution, Dorsey went on to say that to address the problem we need to provide information to the user with both points of view. This means that the user will be able to see tweets that address both sides of the topic. However, most users either follow the trend that gives them only one side of the story or they follow people who comply with their opinion only. When asked about this, Derella during the interview explained that they are currently working on a feature that will help the user to follow any information or topic as they follow an account.

Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake

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