A Much-Need Crack Down by eBay and Facebook on Fake Reviews is in Process

Facebook and eBay is cracking down on fake reviews to restore everyone’s faith in online products. Today a lot of people shop online through which brands make millions of dollars.

Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) reported that both the companies have signed an agreement to identify fake reviews on their platform and take actions against them.

As a result of this agreement, Facebook blocked about 24 accounts and removed 188 groups due to fake reviews; whereas, eBay blocked 140 users on their platform.

Facebook and eBay is working on their methods to identify fake content on their platforms. They are also working to improve the filter system so that verification of fake reviews becomes easier.

Fake reviews are extremely dangerous for businesses. Many people use them as a tool to get more sales in return for some money, product, or gift. With a lot of fake reviews online, it is necessary for customers to watch carefully for any fake reviews.

It is a good step by Facebook and eBay to detect these reviews and tackle them, but it will needs a lot of work. Both the companies are vigilantly working on this new task and pledges to have zero tolerance against such reviews and people posting them.

CMA found a lot of businesses that are paying money to people to post fake reviews, which is a threat to other authentic businesses.

We are hoping that the internet becomes a safe place so when people check reviews before buying a product, they get authentic and real information. Let’s hope other platforms also impose strict scrutiny to find fake reviews and block them before they cause any harm.

Photo: JasonDoiy via Getty Images

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