Apple News+ Growth Hits a Spike – Reaches 100 Million Active Users

Apple recently disclosed its annual January update on its service businesses, which showed that Apple News+ has reached 100 million monthly active users. The overall rise in Apple’s services showed an increase of about 16%; whereas, Apple sales are declining by 14%. The rise in Apple’s services is a great way to cope up with the loss that the company is going through due to the decline in Apple’s sales.

The users for Apple's news service are mainly from the UK, Australia, Canada, and US. Apple has not disclosed the actual number of users/subscribers on its News+ app, but we can expect it to be good from the overall increase in Apple’s services sales.

Apple has mostly stayed between 15% - 30% in terms of sales on the Apple store. The Apple sales were pretty high on January 1 along with the period in between Dec 24, 2019, to January 1, 2020.

From what we are observing, Apple has done great during this time with a total of $1.42 billion spent by users in the App store.

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