Twitter is Bringing Two New Features to Its Platform

Twitter has been on fire lately, adding more features than people would have been able to imagine. If you think about it, the platform has changed quite a bit, and while it is still certainly recognizable it’s fair to say that it isn’t quite the same either, with new features coming in on a very regular basis that are greatly optimizing the user experience of the average person that tends to use Twitter all in all. Recent announcements have revealed that two new features are coming to the platform.

One feature has already been around but only for a limited set of users on the micro-blogging platform. We are of course talking about Twitter's pinned lists. Pinned lists give you more control over your timeline as well as enable you to personalize your own profile with tweets and lists that you find represent your views, that you find humorous or that you just relate to in any way, shape or form. iOS apps for Twitter have had this feature for a while but soon, as reported 9to5gGoogle, by Android users are going to be able to take advantage of this update as well!

A second feature that is coming would be arriving in the web version of the social media platform. The feature that we are talking about here is the ability to schedule tweets. This can prove to be enormously useful both to the average user as well as for influencers and brand managers that want to time their tweets so that they would end up getting the most traffic all in all.

This is a highly useful feature that would definitely maximize the level of quality that you would get from your day to day Twitter using experience, and it will serve to beef up the list of features the platform can boast about in order to entice users into giving them a shot.

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