Twitter Tests Out Scheduling Feature for Web Users (Heads Up Social Media Managers!)

Twitter has been trying to add a lot of new features into the mix in an attempt to secure a wider range of users. Not that long ago Twitter was a highly popular social media platform, and while it definitely still has an enormous amount of popularity the fact of the matter is that it simply did not manage to keep up with the likes of Facebook, and in order to compensate for this Twitter has been trying to establish itself with a whole slew of new features.

The latest feature that the micro-blogging platform seems to be testing out involves scheduling tweets. People use Twitter for a wide variety of reasons, and being able to schedule tweets would be enormously useful. Influencers that create content in particular would enjoy using this feature because of the fact that it would enable them to make sure that the content they are working on would end up being posted at a time that would ensure that it gets a maximum amount of visibility.

Social media strategists that manage brands digital marketing campaigns would also be able to use this feature quite often since the whole purpose of marketing is making sure that whenever you are advertising a certain product you do it at the ideal time otherwise many of the audiences that you may be trying to market to could very well end up missing out on what you may have been trying to tell them all in all.

It’s important to note that this scheduling feature is only available on desktop at the moment, and at this current point in time it is not being released for use by the general public but is instead being tested out among a select group of users in order to see whether or not it is working the way that it is actually supposed to all in all.

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