Beware of These 30 Selfie Apps in Google Play Store That Are Being Used To Collect Android Users Data With Malware

Do you think your favorite camera apps only help you in making your face photos more fancy? Then it’s time to think again as a new spyware has been spotted in the code of nearly 30 camera apps that are available for download on the Play Store.

The news was first confirmed by CyberNews researchers and the report suggested that the malware is designed in such a way that it actually collects all the data present on your smartphone, including your locations as well. So, while you might be busy using any of the apps for taking good photos, you are actually giving your personal information without you ever getting to know about it.

However, the trouble doesn’t stop here. The apps then lead you to malicious ads and from there you land up to phishing websites as well. Surprisingly enough, the total number of downloads that belong to these apps together is 1.38 billion and going into further details, some of these apps are so popular that it was downloaded 300 million times on smartphones.

The reports further revealed that 16 out of the 30 apps were created by Asian developers have also been involved in spreading out the all dangerous Android Torjan. There is also one well-known developer on the list, Meitu who often violates the rules set up for Google Play Store. The applications which the developer has created can collect the data of Android users by automatically activating the microphone of the smartphones it is installed into, plus the app can even open up the camera without one’s knowledge. There were also other names like Coocent, KX Camera Team and Dreams Room.

Selling data to advertisers can be one of the best sources of income for app developers who choose to go for such earnings. If anything to go by the estimates is true then for millions of users, advertisers pay up to $4,000 a month which can make any developer greedy.

Here is the list of the apps which are affected by the malware and therefore you should be careful about taking your selfies with it next time.

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