Beware: Faketoken Virus Sends out Offensive Messages from Android Phones

Faketoken is a malware that was first discovered in 2014. Since then, this trojen has accumulated new capabilities, but now the malware worked with the desktop app and stole banking data to affect customers in a new way.

Kaspersky, the security company is the first to find about 5,000 smartphones affected by this malware. The trojen turns the Android devices into a texting tool then sending offensive messages to foreign numbers.

Nobody knows the logic behind sending messages to foreign numbers, but the attack puts a the financial burden on the device owner. If your phone has the malware, then it will detect how much money you have in your account, then it will top up your mobile account and start sending messages to numbers.

The malware is more disastrous then anyone can ever imagine. Imagine having a $1000 dollars in your account and you see all of it wasted because of this money-hungry trojen.

Kaspersky's security researchers found that the malware is not coming through the Google Play Store. If you authorized and download apps only from Play Store in your phone then you will not face this issue, but if you have downloaded apps from unverified sources; you will be on the brink of getting hit by its attack.

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