The Rise of Memes in the Internet World

Whether you are a regular social media browser or an infrequent one – it is impossible that you have missed the line of memes that are now a dedicated part of the World Wide Web.

The term meme is defined as “content – either in writing, image, or video format that is passed from one internet user to another for the purpose of entertainment.”

The meme trend started back in the mid-90s – during the same time, we were hit by the internet plague. However, in its infancy, memes were usually simple and included a picture with some humorous texts – remember Chuck Norris and O Rly?

But as the internet evolved, the memes also became advanced. The memes today come in all shapes and sizes. The meme-creators are also making use of various media such as videos and Gifs to create an innovating style to attract more viewers.

Vine was one social media channel that enhanced the meme trend. Although the platform is closed for several years now, the popular videos that were initiated from the platform are still circulating on the internet. They are also widely shared on Twitter, Imgur and YouTube.

Tumblr is another website that is part of the meme revolution. And so is TikTok. In fact, TikTok is touted to be one of the best apps to create short videos – after Vine.

Future of Memes

What does the future hold for a meme? Will they die out after some time or continue to evolve?

Judging by the current trend, we can predict that the memes are not leaving the internet world anytime soon. We also anticipate that they will continue to evolve and expand - giving us more entertainment and more ways of expression.

Google Search Interest In Memes Throughout The Decade

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