Adverts to be launched on WhatsApp: Users Threaten to Leave the Messaging App

Was it not enough for Facebook to disrupt our feed, videos, and others with ads that they are launching adverts on the WhatsApp as well? After this, we can only say that it is not far when advertisements will be sent to your home packaged in a gift wrap, so there is no chance for you to avoid it!

WhatsApp is one of the largest communication network where you will find about 1.5 billion users that regularly use WhatsApp for various reasons. WhatsApp is famous for the feasibility it gives to users to communicate with their friends and family, but guess what? Facebook is not happy that its users are happy, so they thought why not monetize WhatsApp as well? After all, money comes first!

The new update will ruin the whole WhatsApp status section (as known as Stories) for everyone, as soon it will be flooded with product advertisements. As a result of this development, users are going cahoots over Mark Zuckerberg and threatening them to leave WhatsApp forever, while some users suggesting other to switch to Telegram.
"The downfall of WhatsApp doesn't seem to be far away. Ads are just gonna mess up that wonderful platform. Well brace yourself people, Facebook is f***ing up WhatsApp.", tweeted a user.

It was not long before when Olivier Ponteville and Matt Navarra shared the pictures of WhatsApp’s new update in 2019 on their Twitter accounts. It is a considerable chance that it cannot be avoided at any cost. Well, it is most probably coming in the market due to the snap by Mark Zuckerberg for $19 billion in 2014.

It appears some businesses are happy with this step, as targeted advertisements could be a nice opportunity for small retailers and startups who lack big budget to initially have an eCommerce website but want to streamline purchases for themselves.

This new change might be coming from the split between WhatsApp’s founder & Mark Zuckerberg. Soon after the founders left the company to spend their whole life in rich mode, Zuckerberg and his company embarked on using their business strategies; however, Zuckerberg could not keep up with only one promise to his users.

In 2012, WhatsApp promised users to never use the platform for monetary benefits or to gather user data, but guess promises are cliché at this time.

Advertising involves collecting user data and it is definitely not loved by all the users, so all hail Zuckerberg to making it difficult for people to have at least one the platform where monetary benefits are not everything.

Forget about the fake promises and be prepared for this massive change on your favorite messaging app.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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