Blockchain is the New Boss – Hottest Skill of the Year 2020

Bitcoin was a failure, but the technology behind it – Blockchain – is certainly making its way to the top firms. Recently, LinkedIn published a list (based on data), which mentioned hard and soft skills that will be the hype of the whole of 2020.

Blockchain stood on the top of the hard skill replacing UX designs, Artificial intelligence and cloud computing as well. Blockchain was the most searched for the role by the tech industries, however, there are not many people to sign up for the role.

LinkedIn mentioned that Blockchain is in most demand in the UK, the USA, Australia, Germany, and France. It is great news for Blockchain experts, but not so good update for people in other areas of the industry. The entrance of this new field means a whole new change to the industry.

Although the technology belongs to cryptocurrency, but it has turned into one of the best technologies to find business solutions to a lot of problems. The blog urged users to learn a little about Blockchain and how it can benefit the companies.

Businesses are inclined towards using Blockchain to see if it can benefit them, which means the companies are willing to take the risk.

Coming to the hard and soft skills, the users must have soft skills on their hands along with hard skills if they want to lead the industry. They must have a creative mindset, cognitive skills, excellent attitude, etc. to lead as an example.

Even though soft skills seem easy to have: they are the most difficult to obtain. You can learn hard skills, but it is very hard to learn soft skills as it comes from within.

LinkedIn team mentioned top soft and hard skills that people can learn. The LinkedIn blog suggested developers learn Solidity, which is a programming language through which Ethereum smart contracts are written.

Learning this new programming language is a plus point for developers who are willing to try their luck in the Blockchain industry. If you are willing to take the risk then this skill will not go to waste.

Technology is touching new heights in the world and it is very likely to see new tech paths opening up for programmers and developers. If you plan on growing in the field, then it is adequate for you to learn all you can about the field and the new tech areas.

Learning Blockchain might be a trouble for newbies, but it’s the future. Last year, Indeed – a job vacancy platform – has very few candidates who were interested in the Blockchain; however, the employers have a huge demand for this skill.

The demand for the job is expected to grow in the future, which is why developers are encouraged to learn new programming language and other skills to take a grip over Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency might have been a disaster, but Blockchain is likely to be a boss – at least for now!

The Skills Companies Need Most in 2020

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