Samsung Devices Appear of Housing a Spyware that Sends Android Users Data to Chinese Servers!

Recently, a Reddit user posted about the “Device Care” feature found in all Samsung phones and tablets. As verified by Samsung itself, Device Care’s storage element is “powered by +360”. For those of you unaware, +360 represents the Chinese anti-virus company Qihoo 360. Their software has been accused of being a spyware that constantly interacts with the Chinese servers.

Qihoo 360 has gained notoriety for being actively indulged in privacy-related scandals in the past. However, not much is known about its role in the Samsung gadgets.

The Reddit user has warned Samsung and Android users about the risks associated with handing over personal data to a scandalous company. They added that the Storage scanner on our phones have full access to our personal data and if the Chinese government requests for this data, it must be provided to them as stated by the Chinese laws and regulations.

Although it isn’t known yet what kind of data the Storage module forwards to the Chinese servers, it was confirmed during the feature’s launch that it indeed interacts with numerous servers based in China.

Several customers of Samsung have brought up the issue on official forums and submitted requests to have Qihoo 360 software taken out of Device Care.

As for Samsung, the company has yet to issue a statement regarding this subject. Stay tuned to get updated once the South Korean MNC opens up on this matter.

Update: As spotted by another Reddit users, Samsung has commented on the issue in the official Samsung Members app (Korea) and explained that "It does not use any function of 360 Security app, but outsourcing only database checking for unnecessary files."

Samsung Devices Appear of Housing a Spyware that Sends Android Users Data to Chinese Servers!

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  1. Fake news. If Samsung had spy bug the stolen info would be going to South Korea/ USA not China.

  2. Oh well this enough to switch back to Apple!

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