Twitter to remove the Audience Insights Element from its Analytics Section

Twitter is removing its audience insight tab from its analytics by the end of this month.

Audience Insight serves as a tremendous tool for users who wants an in-depth data analysis of account followers, demographic analytics, ads behavior details and other stats.

Twitter launched this tool back in 2015 to provide users with the data required to put down more productive tweets, ads and reach the targeted audience.

Now, since Twitter has decided to remove the audience insight tool, a notification appears (as spotted by Matt Navarra, Audience insight will be removed on January 30, 2020) on top of the screen when visiting the tool page.

Twitter is yet to announce an alternative for this tool, but the company has added a new feature to the media group named "Conversation Insight".

The feature was added in November last year, and it could be Twitter's attempt to integrate a similar audience insight tool in its media group and transform it into a new analytic tool.

However, users will get a better analytic tool one way or another.

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