To stop the spread of misinformation, Instagram just rolled out a new update

One of the major issues the social media community faces is the spread of misinformation on the platforms. During this era of social networking, it’s becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between real and fake content.

Today’s generation relies mostly on social networks for almost everything. Whether it is a new trending product they’re looking for or some insight on the ongoing election campaigns, social media platforms cover it all.

Earlier days, people used to listen to various news channels on television but nowadays they’re listening to all that through social media apps and that’s making it more easy to manipulate the users in all the ways possible.

Recently, Instagram launched a new update to fight the spread of misinformation on the platform and we love it.

Instagram is now labeling and hiding images featuring photoshopped content to combat the spread of misinformation and fake news on the platform.

This recently launched update is also making some photographers wonder about the criteria that Instagram is using to operate this new feature as it might limit the share and view of a specific type of photography if the platform starts flagging all types of photoshopped images.

A photographer based in San Francisco named Toby Harriman was the one who discovered this new update while scrolling through his main Instagram feed and while scrolling he found a ‘False Information’ warning popping up in his feed for the first time and after clicking through the overlay that was hiding the post the San Francisco based photographer saw an image of a man standing on mountains colored in rainbow which means that the Facebook-owned social media app will now be flagging images featuring false content or digital art.

According to Instagram, to detect images with false content the system combines the feedback from community and technology and then decides whether to pass pictures to any third-party fact-checkers or not. If the independent fact-checkers state the image as a fake, it is then hidden behind a warning message before anyone can see it at all.

After detecting the pictures featuring any type of false content, Instagram them removes those photos from Explore and Hashtag pages and also automatically flags those types of images in future posts.

Well, this for sure is a very good step by Instagram to make its platform free from false content but along with being interesting, we are also a bit curious about this new update. Yes, we agree that this new update will make the platform better by differentiating between real and photoshop images but there’s this curiosity as this new update might also hide images with digital art which means the viewers will have to click through various barriers to views such images.

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