Microsoft Office Products Are Considered Favorite Among Hackers

Hackers and cybercriminals have always been a serious concern for businesses around the globe. Amongst the growing tension between the US and Iran, it seems that US businesses are finding themselves in an unfavorable situation where they feel more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. According to CNBC, the US has seen a significant increase in cyber-attacks as the tension between the countries have seen a rise. For businesses, security has always been a serious concern and since the killing of General Qasseem Suleimani via a drone strike by us, officials are now fearing that the international cyber-attacks will increase even more.

According to a study done by Kaspersky Lab, during the third quarter of 2019, Microsoft has been seen as the most vulnerable product among hackers globally. The research shows that 70% of the registered complaints about the cyber-attacks are related to Microsoft Office and related products by Microsoft. Apart from Microsoft office (72.8%), there are other applications including Browser (13.5%), Android (9.1%), Java (2.4%) and also those involving PDFs (0.7%) that are used during various phishing campaigns. However, Microsoft office still remains top of the list.

Previously, Kaspersky Lab has done the same research in 2016, 2017 and even 2018. According to the previous research, most cyber attackers have moved away from web-based products and they are now in favor of using MS office for planning their next attack. Stats show that in the past few months, 70% more attackers have voted in favor of MS Office and this is the reason it has become the most targeted platform.

Attackers believe that the vulnerabilities in Microsoft office are relatively simple and they feel it has advanced components of suit. This means that the Microsoft office does not offer proper protection and it is outdated which makes it more prone towards attacks and malware. In most cases, cybercriminals that format the malware files prefer simple means and they like to target outdated codes because this provides them room for better malware effect. Microsoft office is a simple product with outdated code and it serves as a hotcake for cybercriminals, making it one of the most frequently used products for cyber-attacks.

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