Twitter Launched Promoted Trend Spotlight and Brands Are Loving It

When it comes to branding, the most favorite social media platforms of the marketers and businesses alike are Facebook and Instagram. The reason behind this is that both platforms have been designed for advertisement and the audience can be targeted. With Twitter the story of advertisement is painfully difficult, in most cases the impact of Twitter ads is huge but it requires a lot of skills. however, considering this struggle Twitter has just introduced a remarkable feature that is expected to work wonders for brands. Now brands can get the attention of Twitter users by combining video with the explore tab.

The main idea is to combine the power of video content and the Twitter explore tab together and make a brand famous by paid trends. Explore tab is where Twitter users go for exploring the latest trends, news, and gossips if a brand needs to become the center of attention they need to work a lot by creating a trend first and then rank number one on the trend. However, with these features things will become significantly easier for the brands. This feature is currently up and running in Japan, USA, and the UK and in the next phase, Twitter is thinking of launching it in India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Brazil, Australia, France, Germany, and Thailand.

To make it work, the process is quite simple. The feature comes as a complement to the Twitter promoted trend takeover. This feature supports 6-second short video or a GIF, however, a simple image can also be placed. This will run as an edge-to-edge ad on the display screen on the mobile or desktop. The placement of the ad will be on the top of the explore tab and it will be the first two visits per person, per day. Once the visit by first two is done, the placement moves to the place of the standard promoted trend and to the place of organic editorial content resurface right at the spotlight placement.

With this new feature the aim is to grab more attention, it highlights the brand in a good way and also helps is initiating conversation regarding the prominence and expansion of the brand and marketers can start a discussion right away.

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