Google Chrome may soon block Not Safe For Work Themes and Extensions for Child Users

Google is all set to block chromes's adult themes and extensions for child users.

Google Chrome may soon get filters that don't allow the installation of "Mature" marked themes and extensions for child accounts, not even with the option of parental approval.

Chrome browser will also restrict the mature addons if the user is identified as a student.

A request of code change was spotted in the Chromium Gerrit which says that Google could soon block the 'Not Safe For Work' content from Chrome Web Store.

The request's description has all the details like after this CL, child users, won't be able to install mature extensions and themes.

The user won't be able to ask for parental permission as the option isn't available in the first place.

Though it has a few bugs, for example, only extensions and themes will have restrictions, and the child user would still be able to see the images in Chrome Web Store (CWS).

The Rating Guidelines, released by Google Chrome, include all the information about how the company decides, whether a product should be marked as mature or not.

As per Google Guideline, the content that shows close up images of inappropriate clothes, adult themes and apps that include detailed sex descriptions are considered as "mature content".

Google marks those apps as mature that display images of men and women that pose in sexually aggressive ways and also the dating applications that show sexual content.

However, images and apps that show people hugging and kissing aren't considered as mature by Google.

Moreover, this feature could take a considerable amount of time to reach the Chrome browser as no information about its official release is available.

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