Google Is Developing An Improved Dark Mode and Up/Down Vote Buttons For Its News App

In the past few years, the dark mode has become very common in most of the digital platforms, though the implementation has not been flawless.

In 2018, Google News started testing a dark mode, but the update had restricted features.

For example, Menus and some news articles [If individually designed by the application developers ] would display a dark mode but, when an article opens in the WebView, the background color is not dark.

Sudden brightness while using the phone in the night time can lead to frustration.

However, Google News is working on an update to fix this issue.

XDA Developers discovered that Google News is working on the full-fledged dark mode for the app.

When rolled out, it will allow the WebViews to display dark background.

The Dark mode in Google Chrome isn't the best version in the market, and it seems that this feature requires the WebView version based on Chromium builds that have the force dark mode encryption.

However, this feature is still in the development mode and will take some time to get released publicly.

Besides Dark Mode, Google is also working on an improved voting system in its News feed. When released, News app users will be able to see like and dislike icons under every story's thumbnail.

This voting mechanism may seem like the thumbs up/down buttons already available on Reddit, YouTube and different polling websites, but it will help the readers to design their feed the way they like.

For example, the Vote Up button will let the search engine know the type of articles/sources you like, and similar stories will appear more on your news feed.

The Vote down button will do the same work but in the opposite direction.

The Up/down Vote buttons will also let the search engine know which source is more authentic as it will be getting more Upvotes.

A Google forum thread shows that thumbs down and up feature is available for some News app users from quite some time now, but its effectiveness is still in question.

This feature will likely become one of the main ranking factors for Google News stories.

It can also play a vital role in eliminating spammy or fake news websites and publishers.

Websites that give bad user experience [Fake News, inauthentic Statistics, Too many ads] will probably get affected by this update.

The release date for these features is unclear for now, but given the fact that this feature is almost ready, it could role out in the new Google News app update.

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