Check what you were Searching and YouTubing 10-years-ago with Google’s data

Are you ready to take a trip 10-years down the road? If you are still not getting the good vibes of New Year or just wondering what you must do, then here is a tip for you. Go check out what you were doing 10 years ago or what you must be thinking at that time.

You can see how your interests grew over time, check what video games you used to play when you were little or see who was your celebrity crush at that time. So, are you up for it?

Make sure you are logged in to your oldest Gmail/Google account that you are using since 10 years. Once logged in to your account, go to the and time to get things creepy for you. It will show all of your searches on Google that you have done since you made an account on the platform. By the way, you'll observe newest searches at the top by default, so you may want to change the results by tweaking the filter, for example, you can try this filter which will bring results from 2011 to 2014.

It will show which websites you visited, which songs you played, what movies you watched and whatnot. As interesting as it is, it is very creepy as well. I mean who wants to know that they were searching for ‘hOw to Be CooL’. Probably, no one. It is a bizarre flashback!

You can also set the time limit or filter the options to see your preferred feed. Well, it’s interesting to see how you were 10 years ago, but make sure you are only doing it for fun. No need to get obsessed with your decade old personality.

Quick note: You can apply this hack for your YouTube browsing history as well by going to

Enjoy your life’s flashback by Google!

Hat Tip: Reddit / ThaRoastKing.

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