Google's Parent Company, Alphabet Has Grown into A Trillion Dollar Giant

Google has seen tremendous growth in the last decade, although most of the employees have been seen complaining that Google has become more profit-oriented than before. According to the recent report, the Google parent company alphabet has reached its trillion cap which makes it fourth US-based company to hit the trillion benchmark. On Thursday, the market closed at the trading rate of 1,451.70 dollars per share up 0.87 percent, which took the worth of the company to a whole new level.

After the co-founder of the company Larry Page and Sergey Brin were replaced by the current CEO Sundar Pichai in December, the company touched its highest growth benchmark. On the negative side, the company has been facing a lot of issues as executives have been accused of various misconduct allegations and over 20,000 employees went on to protest against policies. Regardless of all these tins, Google has retained its iconic growth rate and fought wonderfully against all odds. on February 3rd, 2020, the parents company of Google is expected to report its fourth-quarter earnings and according to the wall street analysts, stakes are high and expectations of the revenue are to reach 46.9 billion dollars.

In 2018, apple hit the trillion cap and recorded itself as the first company to ever reach that benchmark. Later, amazon followed however, it has since dropped, moreover Microsoft was the third company to touch the cap in 2019. All these companies were based in United States which is the reason they have been getting a lot of buzz the pioneer remains the PetroChina company that first hit the trillion benchmark in 2007. Apart from China and U.S, Saudi Aramco became the first-ever company to beat all and become 2 trillion-dollars company. According to the experts the next big company to reach the trillion cap is Facebook and stakes are now high.

It seems that as the world economy is suffering and business companies are losing their way in the market, money is becoming the only aim. This is also the reason; companies are offering big yet they don’t churn their employees.

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