You Are Not Going to Get Google Play Store App Update Notifications Anymore

When you think about the Google Play Store, you might just think that it is a place where you can download apps and you certainly won’t be wrong because of the fact that downloading apps certainly is possible from this platform and indeed its main purpose has to do with enabling users to install various apps so that they can maximize their user experience on the phone that they are currently using. However, it’s fair to say that this is not the only use that people would find for the Play Store.

Another really important function that the Play Store serves is that it allows you to update your apps. Apps need frequent updates to fix bugs and other issues as well as to make changes that would optimize the app since for the most part software needs to keep changing in order to keep up with the times all in all. Most people don’t really bother with manually updating each and every app. Instead they have a feature that allows the apps to update automatically whenever you have plugged your phone into some kind of a power source, and when this happens you are going to get a notification that would tell you that the update is complete.

However, as of late a lot of Android users have noticed that they are not getting notifications for this. It turns out that the notifications are going away for good, as confirmed by a spokesperson to AP, and ironically Google isn’t really giving a reason for this. You can still check for which apps have been updated by going to the Play Store but this seems like a lot of unnecessary steps when before you were notified automatically. Only time will tell whether Google is going to end up shedding more light on this strange development.

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