The iOS users will have a special feature rolling out specifically from them by Google Maps

Today's generation relies on social media platforms, smart devices, and the internet for the majority of the tasks as compared to the earlier days.  People prefer searching for content over the internet instead of going places themselves.

Google is one the largest tech giant that always bring out unique services and a variety of new features to help make the user experience further better and that is why it is now one of the largest tech company with billions of active users.

One of the revolutionary products by Google is its Maps services as now people don’t have to wonder when it comes to exploring new places.

The launch of Google Maps made the life of Android and iOS so much better as now they can easily find a variety of new restaurants and different tourist spots or nearby gas stations all few clicks away within a single app.

Google Maps for iOS will now be rolling out a new timeline for iPhone users for better-curated travel history as compared to previous versions.

If you take a look at Google Maps, one of its best features is its ability to combine the visits of users with their Location history and it is one of the most useful features Google offers.

According to 9to5Google The iOS users of Google Maps are now gaining some modified timeline specifically aimed to help the users browse past travels more easily as compared to previous versions.

This new Timeline feature is already available on the Android version of Google Maps but now this feature is rolling out to iPhones and iPads this coming week.

To access this new feature on your Google Maps, you can access it from the navigation drawer under the option of ‘Your Timeline’ but instead of displaying a single day view about the activities of users, this new timeline will be showing three new tabs to users.

The tab of ‘Places’ in the timeline will display users a combination of all the restaurants and a variety of other locations the user visited under the categories of Shopping, Culture, and Attractions.

The tabs of ‘Cities’ and ‘World’ also work pretty similarly to the tab of ‘places’ available in the new updated timeline of Google Maps.

If you open grouping in the new updated timeline, it will display a variety of individual locations against a map.

The carousal of filter options allows the users to browse the same categories found in Places with the options of sorting it out with ‘Most recent’ and ‘Most visited’ categories as well.

The locations available in the timelines of users can also be bookmarked and added into private lists like ‘Starred places’ or ‘Want to go’ etc. This new feature is useful for users who want to mark their past favorite locations and now they can also save them with a note as well.

This new Timeline in the Maps for iOS users is a way by Google to enable its users to relive the memories of their visits and also share recommendations with other users as well.

The iOS users will have a special feature rolling out specifically from them by Google Maps
Screenshot: 9to5Google.

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