Apple takes Action to Support Legal Authorities – Drops the Encryption Plan of iCloud Accounts Data

If you have an iPhone, there is nothing that you should worry about. Strong privacy is one feature of Apple that is famous all over the world. Even if your iPhone gets snatched, your data is safe in the thief’s hands as well. The tech giant's executives repeatedly boasted their privacy practices on several occasions.

Apple receives thousands of requests from all over the world to gain access to the user’s data. Recently, Apple also released a report in which they mentioned the names of countries asking for multiple user data for various reasons.

However, the recent clash of Facebook with the FBI on unlocking the device was a serious hit that brought Apple in the public’s eye. Apple planned to bring end-to-end encryption to iCloud backups, but that plan is postponed for now.

The encryption would have held legal agencies to get their hands to user data, which is worrisome on so many levels. The backlash from the FBI has led Apple to rethink their options and look for better alternatives.

FBI’s cybercrime team argued that iCloud backup is the only way to get their hands on the user’s data. By encrypting it, Apple will be taking away the last single opportunity from intelligence agencies to investigate crimes conducted through, with or in involvement with Apple phones.

All of this the fuss started when the FBI asked Apple to unlock the phone of a gunman, but Apple declined to say they have provided the FBI with everything they have. Apparently, Apple can only get access to the data that is saved on the iCloud.

After the FBI’s strong statement against Apple not helping law enforcement, Apple decided to drop its iCloud data end-to-end encryption. Let’s see what’s in the store in the future.

Photo: Georgeclerk via Getty Images

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