YouTube Now Offering Facebook Page Style Channel Permissions for Creators

Part of YouTube’s overall business plan since its very beginning has been encouraging and facilitating the various brands, influencers and creators that were using the platform because of the fact that the content that these people were making was a big part of the reason why users were starting to check YouTube out in the first place. Hence, YouTube has been adding a lot of features that are meant to make the work that creators do a lot easier than it might have been otherwise, and this includes the addition of paid channel subscriptions, tipping systems in live videos as well as a lot more things all of which have been quite positively received by the YouTuber community.

The newest feature that has been added is probably going to be quite well received as well because of the fact that it will help creators to delegate responsibility to other people that they work with. Most big name creators on the platform have people that work for them, people that handle editing and uploads and responding to comments so that the original creator can end up focusing on the creative side of things while leaving the hectic work that they don’t want to do to their employees.

The new feature, as announced by YouTube team in a community help page, will basically make it so that you can give people permission to access your channel in a more limited capacity. There are four levels of access that you would be able to grant people. The manager level is the highest and people with this level of access will have quite a bit of power. Not only will they be able to edit whatever they want but they would be able to control other people’s permissions as well. The only thing managers won’t be able to do is delete the channel which only the channel owner would be able to do.

The next tier has Editors who can basically do everything a manager can except edit other people’s channel permissions. This is followed by the viewer tier that would allow people to see all of the metrics and analytics data but not change anything in the channel. There is a further restricted viewer tier that would not allow the person holding this permission to look at revenue data.

These permissions are a lot like what you see on a Facebook page and it works quite well there. Hence people should realize that YouTube’s changes are going to benefit the creator community and make it more likely that a higher amount of content would end up being published which therefore is going to result in more users flocking to the platform all in all.

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