Google Drive Debuts as Progressive Web App

The way the internet works is changing quite a bit, and part of this change involves various online platforms and applications changing to progressive web apps (PWA) as opposed to the browser based extensions that were generally available previously if you wanted to try and use these services on a web based browser rather than through some kind of a smartphone. The only problem here is that a lot of PWAs are currently being developed, and they are yet to show up available for you to download and use.

Google seems to be spearheading this change by launching some of the first progressive web apps that are going to be available for the average consumer to use. This can be seen particularly in their launch of their own first progressive web app, namely the Google Drive app, as spotted by AP. This means that you won’t just be able to use the service as a browser extension, now you would probably be able to figure out a way to look into having the platform available as more of a native app that you can access through your desktop, something that will certainly make it a great deal more convenient for you to use all in all.

Basically using the app will feel more like a native experience with no address bar or other tabs to distract you. This sort of thing is perfect for people that want to be able to use the platform without worrying about the various ways in which they could get distracted by other tabs that they have left open since they would be leaving the browser behind entirely.

We definitely need a lot more progressive web apps coming out. The experience is far superior and is definitely the sort of thing that would facilitate a high degree of efficiency on your part.

Screenshot: Androidpolice

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