Google Chrome for Android working on a feature that recommends closing extra tabs

Different users of the Google Chrome utilize it in various ways — Some opens a couple of tabs, do what they want and close them, while some, or most of them, open an unlimited amount of pages and forgets about closing them.

For such users, Chrome for Android is working on a feature that recommends closing some of those unused tabs.

Google started working on a feature called “Suggest to close Tabs" in August, which could end up as a lifesaver for users who use chrome regularly and, like to stay organized on their smartphone.

It is unclear whether the feature will be optional or not — Google will track the time of opened tabs and the last time they were used.

Once they cross the threshold, Chrome will show a recommendation in tab switcher to close unused tabs.

Since Chrome will only recommend, users would still have to close those tabs manually.

Clicking on the recommendation (which will appear in the tab switcher), won't close the tabs immediately but instead, it will allow users to preview the pages— you can uncheck the relevant pages which you don't want to lose.

This feature is still under development and, it's unclear how long a page/tab has to be opened to be considered stale.

Screenshot: 9to5Google.

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