How Smartphone Has Evolved Industries? The State Of Mobile In 2020 (Infographic)

Mobile has become an integral part of our daily lives that provide us a source of entertainment, information, manage our lives and keep us connected with the world. It has brought everything closer, just a click away, be it ordering food, booking flights, gaming, buying grocery, etc.

Mobile is expected to set new records in 2020 as it is going to take over the world more firmly. The infographic below, which comes courtesy of AppAnnie, shows how mobile phones are going to take over basically everything.

Smartphone industry has proved to be a great source for creating value for consumers, advertisers and publishers. The global consumer and mobile ad spending in 2020 are expected to be $380 billion.

Within one decade, the app store consumer spending is expected to be double than the global music industry, as the expected worldwide app store consumer spending in 2020 will be $120 billion.

Mobile has more than 55% market share of gaming as it is one of the most popular gaming platforms. In 2020, overall mobile game consumer spending on all app stores is expected to be more $100 billion.

People are always looking for new apps to explore therefore, the worldwide downloads are going to set new records, as there will be around 204 billion downloads across all app stores.

The time spent on devices is already high, mobile is taking time with 10% YoY increased and a rise of 35% as compared to 2017. In 2020, the average time spent on mobile devices in a day is going to be 3.7 hours.

This year, Gen Z is going to be the largest gen which already has $150 billion direct spending power in the US. Therefore, there is going to be a 60% engagement by Gen Z in apps other than the gaming apps.

There is going to be an 825% higher average IPO valuation for mobile companies. It is crucial to commercial success to build customer experiences firstly on a mobile.

Mobile is largely going to be used for digital marketing and in 2020, the total mobile ad spending is going to be $140 billion.

AppAnnie also highlights five major transformations through mobile - gaming, finance, retail, video streaming and social media.

Last year, $86 billion was spent worldwide in gaming, which is 25% more than all other gaming platforms combined, including house console, PC, handheld console etc.

Finance is also revolving as fintech takes over the traditional means of banking and financial services. In 2019, there was a 20% year over year increase in its users.

The retail market is hugely impacted by mobile which is the driving force behind online and in-store sales. The time spent on shopping apps in the US is interconnected with retail sales.

Social media apps keep users engaged the most on mobile. Globally, users spend 50% of their mobile usage time on social networking apps. However, apps like TikTok have blurred the line between social media and entertainment, and many users keep themselves engaged over such apps.

The state of Mobile report 2020 has shown how mobile has become the center of our existence, where everything is now possible through it. It is no longer just another device, but an instrument around which industries transform.

The State of Mobile in 2020: The Key Stats You Need to Know - infographic

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