Facebook and Amazon on Top of Evil Tech Companies List

Recently, Slate released a list named ‘30 most evil tech companies’, which included some top companies affecting our lives on a daily basis. But why call them evil? As much technology is benefiting us, it is also bringing sheer harm to our lives.

On the top of the list of evil companies were Amazon and Facebook with Amazon on first and Facebook in the second position. There is no doubt in it as the companies are always into the news for one scandal or another.

Amazon gives peanuts to people and in return ask them to donate their life to the company. Amazon is widely known for the worst kind of working conditions, harassment cases, and whatnot. The company makes a profit of about $320 per minute and yet they only had a half-hour of their time to donate in the Australian wildfires.

Facebook does not need any introduction when it comes to scandals. Privacy breach, 2016 election, take on political advertisements, etc. are just a few examples of what the company is doing to people. Also, giving full control to Mark Zuckerberg is the root cause of all problems.

Google was on the third position in the list as it has most of our data even more than Facebook might have. They control the searches, traffic, our navigation, and whatnot.

These companies present a positive image in front of people by showing how much good they are bringing to us, but what they hide is the cost for behind that goodness.

Although they bring great value and ease in our lives, but still digging deep into these companies reveal how evil they are from the inside. We regularly give up our information to one of these sites, be active on these platforms and whatnot. The most alarming situation is how they use our data for their profit.

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