Google Chrome Web Store Apps Will Soon Be No More

Everyone has used the Chrome Web Store every now and again. Whether it was so that you could download an extension or a Web App, there were lots of reasons for you to check this place out. However, it turns out that Google has been planning to get rid of Web Apps for quite some time now in favor of alternatives that they feel are more indicative of the future of the internet where people will be more likely to look into apps that are not available in a web based capacity.

This change has already begun. You can’t see the app store anymore when you access to the web store on anything except Chrome OS, and it will be phased out for this operating system as well, something that will certainly end up having a rather profound effect on your user experience when it comes to Chrome as well as other Google related products.

Starting in March Google is going to stop accepting new apps for its Chrome web store in an attempt to wind it down. The ones that exist will continue to be updated for a couple of years. In June, support for Chrome apps is going to end although certain users that have paid for Enterprise or Education upgrade would have the option to continue using them for the next few months after that until December.

This is part of a 2 year strategy that will face these extensions and apps out of daily use. Their replacements are already here but this will most definitely be seen as the end of an era. It might also be seen as the birth of the modern internet, one where app based usage has become the norm and web extensions are no longer seen as a feasible way to get things done.

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