Facebook's new feature allows the page owners to have a better overview of content and settings

Facebook pages are one of the most essential elements of the community, and the company always works towards the betterment of them.

Recently, Facebook rolled out a new tab "Page Management History" in the page settings that provides reports on the actions taken by the management of the page.

The tab provides all the information about page roles, contact info, page settings, Group relationships and much more.

Page Management History can give details about the page roles [new additions or removals], contact info, region/age restrictions and business pages names and usernames.

Because of the new history tab, admins will be able to observe New Business Manager claims control, the previous ones, all the group relations, including joins or leaves of the group.

According to Facebook, the new tab allows managers to see what steps the admins and editors took, and when they took them.

Page management history tab will only be visible to the people who are in the management team of the page.

Facebook business page owners could always check the content publishers through activity log, but with the help of this new feature, they can see actions taken by other team management.

The new tab can be found in the left side column of page settings.

The option is now available on all pages, and you'll be able to see it shortly, if not visible already.

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