Facebook Ad Clicks Had Immense Growth, Expected To Produce Impressive Q4 Results

Facebook ads are getting more clicks from users than ever before, as shown by the Facebook tools for advertisers. The company is expected to reveal impressive results of the fourth-quarter today.

Advertisers use a Facebook tool, Audience Insight to gather data to target different demographics. Though the company is going through the antitrust investigations, but the ad clicks had a hike in the second quarter, last year.

The Q4 earnings report is expected to be better, noticing the increase in ad engagement, despite the four different antitrust focused investigations about Facebook were launched.

According to Audience Insights stats, the median number of Facebook ads’ clicks have increased from July 2019 to January 2020. Whereas, the median number of likes and comments have been almost the same as in the last six months.

The median engagement levels in the United Stated from July 2019 to January 2020 changed, the posted comments are consistent at 8 and the post likes remained at 13. However, the ads click increased from 17 to 19.

All over the world, the median change has almost the same patterns, post comments and likes remained the same at 5 and 13 respectively whereas the ads click increased from 11 to 12.

In the UK, the median changes were the same for post likes and comments, at 8 and 16 respectively. There too, the ad clicks rose, from 16 to 19.

Daniel Newman, principal analyst at Futurum Research said that Facebook has become a landing pace for millennials and baby boomers. Irrespective of the negative publicity of the social media platform, people still are active on it and advertisers are always ready to invest money here.

Facebook claims to have 1.62 billion users on a daily basis, and 2.8 billion monthly users who use its all services (including Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp).

One of the most important elements behind the growth of Facebook is its Stories feature on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp that displays full-screen pictures for 24 hours. Last year in April, the Stories features of each platform of the company had above 500 million users daily, according to Facebook.

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