Users Report Missing Play Store Notifications for App Updates

One thing that lot of people like about Android is that apps end up being updated without a whole operating system update that would make it impossible for you to use your phone in the first place. The fact of the matter is that these updates often end up happening automatically, and even though you might think that they are not happening in the background they occur without you having to worry about it and you would get a notification once the update is complete.

However, a lot of users have recently been complaining about the fact that they were no longer getting notified when updates were done. You would see the update being downloaded and performed in your notification center but this would simply disappear without the customary notification. This lead to quite a bit of confusion with many users uncertain of whether these updates were actually complete or if some further action needed to be taken.

It’s important to note that this issue has been fixed, but it does show a problem that occurs when you have core apps being updated one by one. A system wide update does not leave room for errors like this, although it is up to your preferences if you want a full update or individual updates for your apps.

All in all Google did deal with this issue quite quickly, and chances are that if you had not been receiving notifications that you would probably end up being able to see them now, thereby helping you figure out which apps have actually been updated and which ones are still running the older versions that aren’t quite as advanced. Tech companies need to try and fix issues as quickly as possible, and it’s good that Google managed to live up to this standard right now.

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H/T: AndroidPolice.
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