Americans Trust Amazon and Google More than the Government and Oprah: Survey

People are increasingly becoming dependent on the internet. From deciding what to eat and from where to eat, to whom to vote and even what to think. It is considered the major source of entertainment as well as for information.

Recently, a survey was conducted by a market research company, Morning Consult which can be used as a piece of evidence that the internet is forming opinions and influencing everything. The basic purpose of the survey was to understand the most trusted brand among Americans.

According to the company, in 16,700 interviews were conducted in which people were asked about 2,000 brands. For every brand, there were 16,700 interviews.

A lot of data was collected and one interesting table was comparing the Americans’ trust in famous brands, institutions, public figures and ideologies. Usually, people show less trust in other people as well as ideas or institutions.

However, Americans seem to rely on the tech industry a lot and 39 percent of the surveyed Americans trust Amazon a lot. Despite Amazon’s amoral human behavior as it owns Ring, a company that provides police forces with home surveillance footage of people for free.

Still, Americans trust Amazon more than good griefs, teachers and even Oprah or Tom Hanks.

That is not just it, 38 percent of the Americans trust Google much. Though Google was asked by the European Union to pay $1.49 billion for apparently illegal advertising contracts.

In the survey, only two institutions, public figures or ideas were trusted more than Amazon and Google; primary doctor and the military.

People apparently are must concerned about weather conditions as they take extreme weather condition warnings more seriously, scoring 36 points, than many other brands or institutions, or people.

Surprisingly, Oprah is 12 percent less trusted than Amazon and 11 percent less than Google. People trust the police and Teachers more than Oprah.

When it comes to political or religious leaders or specifically the government, people have shown lesser trust. Donald Trump could get only 20 points whereas religious leaders could only manage a 15 percent score. The US government overall scored 7 points (both the House and Senate collectively).

On the brighter side, people trust the US government more than Wall Street and Hollywood. Whereas, Capitalism and News Media is trusted more than the government. Health warnings and advisors are more trustable for Americans than Donald Trump, but labels on food packaging could get only 17 scores.

The survey has revealed some of the unexpected yet interesting facts about the Americans and their trust in brands, public figures, and institutions. However, the United States Postal Service was the only thing that was trusted ahead of Amazon and Google.

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