Critics questions the social media’s power & ask to break Facebook – But, it will not solve any issues – Zuckerberg says

Facebook is one of the many social media platforms that has faced an insignificant amount of criticism on its practices. From the spread of misinformation to political ads, what is even left to criticize Facebook?

In a recent interview with CBS, Zuckerberg said that everyone is talking about breaking up Facebook, but it’s not the ultimate solution to ‘real issues’. In short, breaking up Facebook will not bring peace in the world, calms down the war, change people’s perspective or put an end to gender war. The list contains even more serious issues – this is just a highlight!

Many regulators including Facebook's cofounders are asking to curb down the power of social media. Some people are even asking to separate WhatsApp and Instagram from their parent-app Facebook. Being one company, it’s not in the hands of the founders of social media platforms to control everything that they and people care about.

Private companies are not in the position to make such important decisions – they just don’t have that kind of power. What we need to understand is, the damage is done!

Curbing down the power of social networks might control the damage, but it will not alleviate it completely. There is a huge responsibility on social media platforms as well, so if you think that everything can run out smoothly, then they are wrong.

Even though Facebook is portrayed under negative light in many instances, but one should not forget its good initiatives as well. For example, fundraising tools and blood donation features.

Apart from it, Safety Checks and other tools and Facebook provide people a platform to connect with their loved ones without any hassle. Facebook might be rightly criticized for their political ads policy, but that should not define the company completely.

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