Facebook launches its blood donation feature in the United States

According to Facebook, its blood donation service is functioning very well in Bangladesh, Brazil, Pakistan and India as more than 35 million users have already signed up to be donors.

In Brazil and India, more than 20 percent of the people who visit blood banks, give credit to social network for influencing them.

Now, as promised earlier, the tech giant has launched the same feature in the United States in order to raise awareness related to the blood donations.

It is also a step to connect willing donors by the blood banks.

Right now the feature is only accessible in New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and Washington DC, but the company is planning to spread throughout the country in coming months.

Facebook has connected with various blood banks and organizations, as users nearby who signed up as donors will be able to see their request on the website and social network's app.
"We hope that bringing the Blood Donations feature to the US will make people more aware of the ongoing need for donations and that communities come together to help ensure everyone has access to safe blood when they need it.", explained Hema Budaraju, Facebook's Product Director of Health, in a newsroom post.
America's Blood Centers' chief executive officer, Kate Fry say that it will help every person easily find and join the nearest local blood bank to fulfill the need of diverse pool of blood donors in the United States and also share their experiences and the significance of blood donation culture.

Anyone who wants to save precious human lives can sign up to the new Blood Donations entry by visiting their profile's About section.

They'll get notified whenever any connected organization in their location calls for a blood donation and all the requests will be viewable in the feature's tab.

To help raise awareness and make it easier for people to find opportunities to donate blood, Facebook is launching its Blood Donations feature in the U.S.

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