Facebook Will Raise $7 Million This GivingTuesday Through Its Fundraising Tools

Facebook is going to raise a huge amount for charity this year for GivingTuesday, which will be on 3rd Dec. The company is aiming to collect $7 million donation for nonprofits organizations in US.

The social network has announced that 100% of the money collected through Facebook and Instagram using the fundraising tools, will be donated to organizations.

The fundraising tools were introduced by Facebook back in 2015. According to the company, so far it has raised around $2 billion for charity through these tools.

Facebook also has launched a special fundraiser sticker for Facebook Stories that will let users promote their own fundraiser or support any nonprofit organization they prefer.

There are now donate buttons on Instagram’s business accounts that will let collect donations directly from the profile.

Also, the gaming content creators on Facebook can now select a specific nonprofit organization they want to support and generate donations for it through livestream.

The company is helping people support the cause they want and collect funds for it easily through the online tools it has developed. It is planning to launch it as well in 2020. It would help many nonprofit organizations to help those in need.

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