YouTube’s new policy changes hurt creators, ‘YouTube is over’ trend takes over Twitter

With YouTube growing so frequently, it is becoming more of a duty of the platform to keep a check of harassment and other abusive behaviors. YouTube recently came over with new policy changes that instigated the ‘YouTube is over’ trend on Twitter within hours.

YouTube also updated its harassment policies that restrain people from posting content insulting people based on their attributes. Creators are allowed to criticize someone’s work, but it must not include any personal comments.

To counter these changes, YouTube says that bullying people lowers their self-esteem and stop them from sharing their ideas and opinions.

From what creators are seeing, YouTube is preferring more of the traditional content; however, combating harassment is also a need of the time.

Previously, there was much content on YouTube posted by top creators that included controversial comments against other creators. They were monetizing their channels based on the hurtful comments, but it is not oversight anymore.

Some time ago, Vox’s Carlos Maza accused Steven Crowder who used homophobic language against him in his videos. It is the event that led to the recent policy changes. Initially, the YouTube commentators were defending the content; however, the new policy changes specifically target creator-on-creator harassment.

All individual videos or a series of videos consisting of such comments will lie in the claw of these policies.

A large number of Videos at YouTube in Jeopardy

Many comedians and top content creators, posts videos on their platform based on the behaviors of others that could be in violation with YouTube’s new policies. Most of these videos are about creators, so even comedy can be targeted as potential bullying.

Posting videos on one another profited both creators and YouTube for a long time. Right now, there is a whole community that makes such content targeting other content creators.

YouTube has started to act out by removing the commentary/comedy video by Ian ‘iDubbez’ Carter. YouTube removed the video as it included content teasing Veil with unacceptable language. It was found in violation of the YouTube’s policies.

YouTube keeping in check the Content Creators

YouTube’s policies are continuously changing and therefore, coping up with the algorithm changes is affecting content creators. It is becoming difficult for content creators to make money out of YouTube due to these continuous policy changes.

People tried to come into the advertising business to earn money, but two of the most painful demonetization periods have made people skeptical. 2020 is expected to be more painful for creators. With a $170 million fine on YouTube, the monetizing of the family-friendly content can get affected.

No Kids Content – No Edgy Content!

YouTube is bringing about so many changes that it is impossible for a lot of creators to take YouTube as a steady source of income. So many creators regularly join YouTube, whereas, some are here for a decade. Such changes by YouTube can bring serious career shifts in the lives of the creators, thus, a little backlash is justifiable.

People upload a huge amount of videos every day on the search engine, and if YouTube keeps updating their policies – it will become a nightmare for content creators. On the flip side, YouTube also holds a responsibility to protect its users from cyberbullying and harassment. In the way of protecting it, YouTube is losing the trust of its people. Let’s see what else they have in their store for creators!

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